C2P Kids Club of Charlotte, NC


C2P Kids Club is first project and call for action for converting the ideas expressed in my introductory blog about Technology Producing Kids. The C2P Kids Club of Charlotte will attempt to recruit local kids in Charlotte area of age 10yrs-15yrs and form a local computing club. These kids will come together and will be first taught languages of Web using course-ware developed by codecedemy.com. Once this group finishes the targeted curriculum they will be challenged to come out with an idea for building a local app or game using the skills they have learned from the club and course-ware.

Once launched , the a C2P club will attempt to have a batch of no more than 6 kids learning and later “producing” under a supervision of experienced volunteer. A club-batch will go through 2 phases:

    • Learning Phase

Before your kids can produce then need skills. The club batch will run a good 2-3month of learning phase before we can attempt to get kids into Producer-Batch.

    • Producing Phase

Once we have kids of a certain skill-level, club batch will become Producer batch.

In its full incarnation , the goal is to have multiple C2P-Learner batches and C2P-Producer batches running in parallel.

Why form a club when kids can learn at self-pace from same website?

Yes, kids can pretty much self teach themselves from codecedemy.com. But the idea of a club is to bring local kids of different age groups together and have them under supervision of experienced technology volunteers. This creates a real life kind of team setup in which technology gets created. Most company’s will have their technology teams guided by experience Technology Managers or leads who manage the software life-cycle (from idea-phase into production) using a mix of team seeded with folks of varying experience and maturity and very often location. The club intentionally wants to recruit kids of age 10-15yrs because it will create good microcosm of real-world teams of varying maturity, experience in reasoning and temperaments.

What days does the club meet, and at what times?

First lets understand how we teach. We have a simple method of teaching called “Programming JAM” –( a concept similar to music Jam-gathering of musicians improvising together, esp. in jazz or blues). Kids study pre-Jam material from various online course-ware platforms and then practice Jam’s designed by coaches. C2P Jams can happen online as well as face-2-face.

Currently, we have c2p Jams on weekends–we have stayed flexible on times thus far but going forward we plan to do it Sunday nite at 7:00p.m. EST. We have been conducting Jams online since we have we have one kid participating from out-of-state in Batch1. Basically, the idea is that all the social , school and sports commitments are over by Sunday evening, people are back home and can focus on c2pkids Jam.

We plan to introduce face-2-face Jams when there is sufficient interests & a location of convenience to conduct a Jam. But for short term all Jams will be Online.

Where will the club meet?

South Charlotte–tentative target location CMS library on Rea Road (approval & coordination in-process)

Has the club already started?

YES (on Spet 14th). Please use the form to register or inquire.

How long will the “learning-phase” of club batch run for?

The course-ware planned for the club should ideally be wrapped in 2-3months with combination of Club-time and self-time study.

What will be taught in club’s “Learning-phase” of batch?

During the learning phase of the Club batch the kids will be taught the following 2 courses from codecedemy.com :

  • Web Fundamentals
  • Java Script

What will be taught in club’s “Producer-phase” of batch?

Producer phase is when kids will be challenged to pursue a reasonably serious idea or a concept. They will be getting the experience of a start-up pursing and vetting the idea that the Producer batch kids wish to pursue. They will think about fastest and cheapest way to build it. In doing so they may end up learning newer skills and libraries that build upon the core skills they learn from “Learning Phase” of the club’s batch. So if the idea needs to learn Twitter API then they will pursue the same. If the idea needs to use a new gaming JS lib then so they will pursue those. Kids will be taught built PoC’s, Wireframes skills and costing of idea. It is also the goal and hope of the club that “Producer Phase” could be self funded easily will Cloud style pricing available from multiple CLoud Providers.

Interested in sending your kid or finding out more information or sending your kid plus volunteer?

Please fill the form:

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