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Prashant Sarode

Prashant Sarode

I am parent who seriously believes in teaching kids to code and making them produce technology ( by way of building games and apps for others) versus just consuming technology. I am also a recreational coder, a Cloud, Mobile, API-Economy enthusiast. For living, I work as technology exec @ a major financial services company based in Charlotte, NC.

Hemanta Patil


I am parent to a 12-year old ‘digital native’. While I enjoy learning and exploring new technology and gadgets together with my son (more often me learning from him), I am amazed by how spontaneous today’s children are with technology. As an avid developer, I would like to pass on to these children, a thing or two I know well like coding and developing applications, so that they can have fun and dig into technology much deeper than just using it.For living, I work as a Technology Architect at a leading insurance company in central IL.


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