Are you stalking your kids using Technology?

Image Source: Wikipedia creative commons (public domain)

C2PKids Movement may very well be an equivalent of providing your kids weapons against all those Digital Parents who use the same technology to stalk their kids online. However, that’s not a sound argument to keep your kids digitally ignorant and in fact more exposed to some of the bad things we all worry about. Code-awareness definitely improves your ability to dodge online booby traps camouflaged in various form-factors (benign looking link, email attachment, game, video or free music download)

I had been long reflecting about effects of making kids code-aware of the technology that they consume—finally decided to blog about my PoV on this topic. My personal two cents are that latest best practices around digital parenting are hardly about “restriction” using parental controls but more about creating conversations. I think most of us have realized that restriction is impossible –so why not join them and have a conversation :). For digitally savvy and educated parents its all about discussing the new opportunities that technology is creating for them in context of new risks & bad temptations that kids are faced to judge about. After all, the idea of future school administrators scanning your cyber-profile before offering you admission in your coveted school is fairly recent one. That the idea of online reputation being as critical asset as your credit score is probably what the latest conversation all about and we need to have that with our kids. Virus attacking and destroying my child’s cheap laptop hardly bothers me. Online bullying (where your kid is a target or where your child is a source), stealing personal information, kids posting something that they later regret are the hot-topics.

Here is a great resource from This has some really nice and summarized list of additional resources for both digitally savvy and digitally ignorant parents. Read through it–they have done a great job and most of my digital parenting wisdom is influenced from their work.

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